Kyp Emmanuel
Kyp Emmanuel
Contact: 0419 586 718

I recently graduated as student of SAE Sydney and SAE Brisbane, majoring in 3D Modelling and VFX.

My story began seven years ago, when I found myself interested in the Visionary world of 3D and Visual Fx (VFX). My curiosity led me to leave my passion of Digital Photography and Classical and Contemporary Dance and follow my Dream. The dream to work in L.A for the Spielberg Studio.

My Journey from 2004 to 2013:

My inspiration to Dance began from my male friends dancing in classical ballet. I chose a different school, with its origins from the Australian Ballet, founded in Sydney.

Under the direction of Ms Joy Varga a former dancer. I began dancing at JTV Dance Academy on the Sunshine Coast.

I developed my posture and techniques , winning many awards including perpetual trophies. After 4 years I began to express myself in other genres, taking on leading parts in Jazz, Contemporary and Hip-hop. Using these observations of movement, allowed me to create 3D animated characters for various animation projects in 2014.

In 2008, I ventured into the world of Apple working for Leading Edge Computers ( Buderim) , then onto a school IT apprenticeship formatting computers for schools and troubleshooting for two years .

From there I worked for an IT company Detox IT PtyLtd. This employer tendered for Australian Government Foreign Aid Projects in Papua and the Solomon Islands. During this time , I formatted computers for secondary and tertiary Institutions, gave support, and repaired servers. I was involved in setting up Networks for a variety of government and private organisations and handled 24 hr troubleshooting.

In 2010, I founded Kyp E Photography as I saw a niche in Digital Portrait and Product Photography. Having travelled overseas, I had the inspiration and the keen photographers eye to start on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland.

A Professional Photographic studio was setup, specialising in Studio Portraits, Fashion shoots for Online stores , Stock Photographs and large group photography. I used the professional services of Nulab (Melbourne) and Prolab (Brisbane) for my images and transparencies.

While at Mountain Creek State High School studying film, we explored various genres, from silent to film noir. This gave us a grasp on the fundamentals, why movies are shot in a variety of ways by cinematographers.

After the first year in film, I began to experiment in new techniques and methods, including blue screening to create artificial environments for live action film. During this time I custom built a dolly to record smooth shots and scenes for promotional videos and short films .

After graduating in 2012 from Mountain Creek State High School, I began earning some income from a part-time job in IT. During this time, I started a portfolio to gain me entrance to Gnomon School of Visual Effects in California on the Hollywood Block. I undertook a variety of established professional courses from Digital Tutors, Lynda and Udemy, learning the tools and techniques of the industry.

Entrance to Gnomon is determined on high standards and expertise of 4 years in the Industry. I worked hard during this year, using various software programs from Maya to 3DS Max to create various characters, hard surface models and environments for my portfolio.

At the end of 2013 , my portfolio was submitted to Gnomon and was accepted a month later. Similarly I had submitted to SAE and was accepted in two weeks. My choice was to join SAE Institute Brisbane and study a Bachelor of Animation to broaden my skills.

My Journey 2014 to Present

In October 2014, I began working for Grubby Dog Productions on an internship for four months. Working with the Director and Cinematographer , my specialty was VFX. During this time we created a trailer for the film “I-Taksu”. Filmed in three locations in the hinterland of the Sunshine Coast, Qld. The film is targeted for the Asian market. The main scene was set around a recreated Balinese Temple, in a dense forgotten jungle, with Indonesian actors.

My task was to create realistic visual effect shots , explosions, smoke, fog, mist and rain , dispersed with intermittent rays of sun filtering through the jungle paths leading to the ruined Balinese temple.

Other effects included killing scenes and vanishing possessed spirits appearing and disappearing. I created VFX explosions and set extensions combined with live action plates to display realistic shots. We finalised shot angles and I took live action plates and repositioned the camera to create more immersive shots. The project was to complete all editing, sound and visual effects by the end of January 2015, before leaving to study in SAE Sydney.

In 2015, I transferred to SAE Sydney campus to complete my last three trimesters and concentrate on 3D and VFX software, as well as advanced animation techniques.

I currently finished working on an animation for a major project called “KING ME”, more info from this project will come in mid 2016

In March of 2016 I graduated from SAE Brisbane, with a Bachelor of Animation- Majoring in VFX and 3D Modelling.